Wednesday, October 31, 2018


Another ”Bombshell Tipping Point”

Friday, October 26, 2018


Pinned it!


Thursday, October 25, 2018


“Making America Great,” Kills

Several explosive devices have been sent to some high profile Democrats, among them former president Obama and the resentful hag, crooked Hillary Clinton.

This is the time where everyone puts on their public outrage costume (just in time for Halloween!). The Democrats (the “targets” for the most part, if one includes George Soros as a Democrat) can now use a legitimate cause of victimhood to talk more about their...victimhood.

I’m not going to make light of what is obviously a very serious circumstance. No one should be happy about any aggressive or violent action against any side of the spectrum. But....I’m not going to hang my head in mock shame for despising the same people that some violent nut case hates. George Soros is still an evil manipulative control freak and enemy of “open society” (ironically). The fact that he was targeted by a deranged Unibomber copy-cat doesn’t magically make his views and actions noble. Non-the-less, for weeks now we will be hearing, non-stop about the horrors of conservative philosophy with the obligatory fake news parade attacking President Trump for “creating a climate of”...whatever.

Certainly someone has noticed the timing of this and the “caravan” of “immigrants” headed toward the American border. More than a few pundits will weave their prose now to the effect that, because explosives were sent to Democrats, we should let 14,000 (the current estimate) unvetted random poor people into the U.S. and sympathetically vote for Democrats in the coming election.

The civil war continues and its pace and intensity builds. Republicans being shot at on a baseball field caught the news cycle for a few days — often being spun as the fault of the actual victims. Current events are certainly more noteworthy but will spawn an entirely different narrative. Every time Republicans seek a tax cut or the deregulation of a worthless parasitic bureau, we will be reminded that such actions are out of the question because...the other side of the issues are victims that once had explosives sent to them. The Democomms couldn’t have received a better news-cycle gift.

Meanwhile Donald Trump, pushing back and responding to dishonest media and promoting and defending the conservative position on the issues of the day, will face an even more strident crusade to destroy him, this time trying to justify it based on the actions of a single villain.

Democrats can now go back to squelching free speech, harassing people in restaurants, beating up people who have the nerve to wear hats proclaiming their desire to make America great again, and general screaming, destroying, and lashing out every time they don’t get their way.

Republicans and the current president will have to continue being forced to justify their politically controversial stance of merely wanting to be left alone.

Tuesday, October 09, 2018


No Longer Liberal Democrats

Is there anyone that can seriously say that there is a person with conservative values that the left will accept as legitimate opposition? ...Of course not.

The left’s position is now beyond obvious. No one holding views different from their own must be permitted a voice or position in public office. They will accept nothing less than a coup d’ etat.

They currently don’t even have the unrestrained authority they have been seeking yet they are openly threatening to impeach, imprison, and in some cases, commit violence against anyone who fails to adequately support the socialist “revolution” to enslave free peoples. Leftism is always oppressive, punitive, and authoritarian.

If Trump were to be replaced tomorrow by the most docile black woman who held conservative views, she’d be harassed to no end. If Brett Kavanaugh was not sworn in as a new Supreme Court Justice, there is no one else who would be acceptable who did not state emphatically that they would override the constitution to command “progressive” dictates.

These are the same people we’ve seen throughout history who round up political enemies, imprison, and execute. All they need is enough power. They thought they were almost there.

The best case scenario for America at this point is one where sane and sober liberals break off to form a party of ...liberals — people of the center-left who favor more social spending and more passive attitudes toward military spending, etc. (typical “liberal” positions). Liberals don’t hate America. Liberals don’t seek radical disruption and chaos. Liberals don’t seek to undermine the safety and success of fellow citizens for a global collectivist order. “Progressive” leftists actively support all of the above. If rational reasonably patriotic liberals from past decades were to break away from the insanity within the current Democrat party, conservatives and liberals could resume a civil discussion regarding their conflicting views on government. If that were to occur, the Jacobin rabble of the “Progressive”/communist left would fade and have to return to their turbulent psyches and their cave of angst and resentment....

...’better for all of us.


The Left

In all it — typical — splendor.


Friday, October 05, 2018


Never Leaving School

I’ve often wondered why so many “educators” (public school teachers) tend to be left-wing in their political affiliations, often very left-wing. It struck me as a I watched an elementary classroom today that, like most classrooms, had very little of what could be called freedom in such an environment. That in itself isn’t so much a problem. Obviously, to manage a group of kids who would by their own devices be random and chaotic, requires some degree of organization and standardization.

The thing that makes teachers often so comfortable with this scheme in the wider world is an inability to see their child students as being quite different from those who operate in the adult world.

In essence, many teachers view fellow adults / citizens as children and see the world around them as akin to a classroom where obedient drones obey the drab dictates of rules and authority.

People have different perceptions of life in the classroom. Personally, I hated school. It was the ultimate bureau-environment. Like many people I’ve met, most of what I’ve learned in life has taken place after breaking free from the government’s stockades of compliant inculcation.

Next time you view a public classroom, imagine it as a model for society itself, a socialist dictatorship — where you can’t leave at the end of the day.

...’just a thought.

Thursday, October 04, 2018


Just the Facts

People can love or hate Donald Trump. People can be communists, anarchists, racists, or collectors of exotic office supplies. In spite of the continued icing piled on America’s contemporary political cake, the facts are simple and air tight.

Donald Trump ran for president under the rules and guidelines of presidential elections (an electoral college system). The rules and standards were accepted by both candidates.

Donald Trump won the election.

A significant number of people and groups opposed his election. These people and groups were from powerful and influential media organizations, universities, the entertainment and high tech industries, government institutions, an entrenched class of powerful professional statist elites, and common citizens who agree with the ideals of those mentioned.

During the election, the previously noted cabal used a variety of legal and illegal methods to thwart Donald Trump’s success. None of these people have been legally punished yet.

Again, he won the election.

The same statist cabal then sought to undermine the duly elected president and sought his removal from office.

The same group, along with millions of sympathizers who believe in the Obama style of government — big, powerful, punitive, and subservient to global institutions — continue to use all means possible to undo an American presidency chosen by a free and open election system.

In spite of the bitter hatred and accusations of some, the duly elected president has been remarkably successful and has produced positive results both economically and diplomatically, (in addition to numerous specific issues like veterans reform, restrictions on lobbying, prison reform, and reduction of pharmaceutical prices). His policies and actions have been exactly what he ran on during the election - the platform he won on.

A just course of action should now be: further investigation and prosecution of anyone breaking the law to conspire the removal of the duly elected president. The left has had plenty of time and resources to pursue their bogus and contrived claim of wrong-doing on the president’s part and the more they dig the more we find that it is the “resistance” that has conspired, colluded, and broke laws to overthrow the duly elected government.

Those who hate Trump and/or his policies should wait til the next election and accept the results.

Rambling about tweets or gruff manners is irrelevant. Complaining about the government losing some of its power over people’s lives is irrelevant (especially when your side lost the election).

Very with it.

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